Tap in to your own personal style!

Tap in to your own personal style!


The Creators Art & UPcycle Membership Club

Now Open!

The Creators Art & UPcycle Club is a safe online creative environment for you to enhance your paint techniques for all of your Art & UPcycling projects.

Some techniques you will expierience include:

  • My original “Splatter-n-chatter” series of classes where I walk you through a specific subject matter while encouraging you to put your own spin or additions to it, (this is an excellent practice for building confidence to newer artists). The subject may be the same but no two are ever exactly alike because we are all beautifully unique creators!

  • My "paint like a pro" furniture paint finishes include paint texturizing, layering and blending among other finishes for furniture home decor as well as to art.

  • Intuitive Art, This has become a class favorite so I’ve recently added extra lessons on this style of painting. It is a very spiritual and personal method of painting and each one is entirely different from student to student-meaning you are not given a subject matter to start from in this session.

  • Mixed media and journaling and Fruition Boards-This method of art is so exciting with layers upon layers of mediums and textiles-again each person ends of with an extremely unique piece of art when they’re finished.

  • Many other artistic styles and mediums are offered because unlike other memberships-The Creator’s Club is driven by YOU the members where you get to choose what you want to learn or expierience.

  • I will have guest artists in occasionally because I believe each artist has something unique to teach the world!

You will have immediate access to me as I teach the live monthly class in the private (facebook group) club at the beginning of each month, (however, you do not have to be there live to take the class but it is recommended so you can catch me live for questions during the process) I will also pull members up on the screen with me as Im teaching ( if you are willing and the our connections provide), this gives me another way to visually direct you on your artistic journey as well as teaching other students as they watch the monitor. You will also have access to me to personally answer your questions throughout the month and then during a live Q-n-A feed that will be towards the end of each month.

The fee is only $27 per month (my classes in house are $35 so this is such a great offer having me assist you for the enitre month on the designs). At The beginning of each month I will clean the page before starting a new design. You will have an entire month to complete the design, this usually keeps people motivated to create  when they know they have a deadline, there is a method to my madness lol

Have more questions about this exclusive club? Please fill out the email form below and I will personally help answer all your questions! I'm so excited you are here, talk to ya soon!

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